WSU responds to bomb threats against historically Black universities

Statement from

President Schulz and Provost Chilton


The recent threats of violence against historically Black colleges and universities are a stark and sad reminder of the work that must still be done to achieve racial justice in the United States. Continued systematic violence against communities of color during a time of pandemic that has already cultivated trauma and unrest for so many of us plays upon the basest forms of racism, and causes more fear in communities that have historically been the focus of a catalog of racial terrors. That these threats come at the beginning of Black History Month underscores the need to understand that Black history IS American history and that, as a society, we ignore that fact to our own peril.

Washington State University is committed to continue working toward building a society where equity, respect, and justice are a reality for all. Until that time, we support those in our educational community during times of threat so that we can achieve together our greater promise.



Provost and Executive Vice President
WSU Pullman Chancellor