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Office of the President Letter to Campus

Good news on several fronts

June 2019

Dear Faculty and Staff:

We almost have reached the midpoint of another fantastic Palouse summer. The wheat fields are still green, the mornings are cool and comfortable, and the post‑workday evenings are relaxing, with beautiful sunsets. I hope you are enjoying the season and recharging for the next academic year wherever you are spending the summer.

Noel and I recently loaded our Airstream with food and the 2 corgis and spent a week visiting southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, and Tillamook were among the areas we explored. We also enjoyed spending time at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and just generally … » More …

Plenty of good news as summer approaches

May 2019

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Greetings from French Administration, and congratulations on all of your hard work and accomplishments during the just-completed academic year.

As I reflect on the past 10 months, I feel energized by the progress we have made as a university to advance our priorities. I am also excited to build on our momentum as we plan for the fall.

I hope you have opportunities to recharge in the coming weeks. The beautiful weather we are enjoying statewide reminds me that May and June are 2 of the best months of the year to be living in Washington.

Onboarding our new provost

I … » More …

Join effort to plan WSU system’s future

April 2019

Dear Faculty and Staff:

It is hard to believe that we have little more than a week to go in the 2018‑19 academic year. While everyone is busy with teaching, research, and service responsibilities, I have found that the time between spring break and commencement also offers many events and opportunities to celebrate and recognize outstanding colleagues and students. I hope you have reserved time to participate in some of these activities as we wind down the semester.

I appreciated everyone who attended and participated in the 2019 State of the University address. This year we had more than 300 people who joined us in person … » More …

Coordinated advocacy yields far-reaching results

February 2019

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Greetings from French Administration. I think it is fair to say that most of us are looking forward to spring after experiencing the onslaught of snow and ice and other inclement weather that has hampered operations at all of our campuses. Here on the Palouse, it’s definitely been a February to remember, weather wise.

Given the challenges of the season, I want to acknowledge our outstanding facilities services personnel who have been working around the clock to keep all of our campuses open and operational. Please join me in thanking these men and women who are often working outdoors … » More …

Top priorities moving forward

January 2019

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Greetings as we approach completion of the fourth week of spring semester. I trust that you enjoyed some downtime during the holiday period and that the semester is off to a good start. Noel and I returned from the break feeling refreshed and excited about the spring after some family travels.

I have been reading an excellent book about institutions such as ours in recent weeks. Land Grant Universities for the Future—Higher Education for the Public Good by Stephen M. Gavazzi and E. Gordon Gee examines how land‑grant universities have both thrived and struggled in recent decades.

As I have reflected on the … » More …

Thanks to you, 2018 a banner year

Dear WSU Community:

Greetings from French Administration. Congratulations and thanks to each one of you—faculty, staff, leadership, students, alumni, and friends—for your contributions to making the fall semester so successful throughout our statewide enterprise.

Commencement on December 8 was a fitting way to publicly celebrate one of our most important moments of the semester: the graduation of some 800 students who marked the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It is always fun and deeply gratifying to share this life-changing milestone with new graduates and their families.

For me, a portion of December has always been reserved for some quiet reflection, a time to contemplate … » More …

A fascinating conversation with a Halloween visitor

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Happy Halloween! One of the joys of serving as WSU’s president is that I continually meet interesting and intriguing people. Occasionally, unusual conversations take place. Just last night, I was standing in the backyard of the president’s house playing with our corgis, Cayenne and Joule, when a huge, floating pumpkin drifted into the backyard. This is the conversation that ensued.

KHS: Good evening. My name is Kirk Schulz, and I am president of WSU. Not to be rude, but what are you doing in my backyard?

Pumpkin: I am the Great Pumpkin! I am looking for Linus, and I … » More …

Goals for the current academic year

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Greetings as we rapidly approach the middle of the semester. Does it seem to you, as it does to me, that we just kicked off the academic year a week or two ago?

From a big-picture viewpoint, the semester is off to a rousing start system-wide. Record enrollment and research and development expenditures, significant progress in restoring our fiscal health, and tremendous performances by our student athletes have made for a spectacular fall.

I want to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you—faculty, staff, and students on all of our campuses—for working together to ensure such a smooth start. … » More …

Recent achievements provide optimism about future

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Welcome to the beginning of the fall semester! We are delighted to have everyone back and fully reengaged with our students and the University—whether you are part of a campus in Everett, Pullman, Spokane, Tri‑Cities, or Vancouver; part of the Global Campus; or involved in programs at our Research and Extension sites or at Bremerton, Yakima, or elsewhere across the state.

We have much to be proud of as we start the 2018-19 academic year. In fact, our recent achievements provide much optimism about the future and the opportunities that await us. Among the reasons for confidence:

While we are … » More …

The benefits of Pac-12 membership

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Happy mid-summer to all of you.

I hope that each of you has enjoyed (or soon will enjoy) some time away from the University to unwind and disconnect before fall semester begins. Noel and I were able to get away in late June and early July, and we returned refreshed and ready to go for the arrival of a record number of students across the WSU system.

During our summer vacationing, Noel and I do not read work-related email and stay off of social media. In fact, we basically unplug from all electronic devices. While it may seem hard to do, … » More …

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