Do better, Cougs

This needs to stop. Now.

Student gatherings and parties, which ignored basic safety and health protocols, have directly resulted in an increase of COVID‑19 cases.

What you do this weekend, and for the next two weeks, will determine what happens from here.

No group gatherings. Wear masks. Stay home and call for medical care if ANY symptoms are present. Washington State health guidelines are still in effect, regardless of what is occurring in other states.

We will continue to respond to incidents where health guidelines are not being followed. Students who violate COVID‑19 restrictions will be subject to action under our student code of conduct.

In addition, our fraternity and sorority leaders are initiating a freeze on social gatherings and heightening their efforts in self-monitoring and reporting.

Opportunities and services will close again.

Poor decisions, including those made by students, may cause Whitman County (and its 50,000 residents) to go back to Phase 2, or even Phase 1.

Opportunities and access to our facilities, including UREC and the CUB, as well as local restaurants and bars in our community may be taken away because of these actions.

This is real. This is serious.

Our numbers are alarmingly high. This is unacceptable. We are potentially putting our community and vulnerable populations at an increased risk.


As Cougs, we need to do better.

Kirk Schulz

Elizabeth Chilton
Provost and Executive Vice President

Mary Jo Gonzales
Vice President of Student Affairs