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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Fee Committee


  • Deliberates matters related to instructional and other fees charged students for special services, excluding operating fees, services and activities fees, or student loan fees
  • Reviews proposals for new fees and the administration of existing fees, and recommends the establishments of new fees and the discontinuation or moderation of existing fees
  • At the request of the president or provost, reviews other matters related to fees and makes recommendations
  • The committee meets as necessary.

Composition and tenure

  • 2 faculty members, with 3-year terms. (F)
  • 1 graduate student and 1 undergraduate student, with 1-year terms. (G-U)
  • Executive Director in the office of the Provost who serves as chair; chief university budget officer; Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration, University Registrar and 1 academic dean for an indefinite term. (X)

Responsible to the president through the Executive Director in the Provost’s Office.


Holbrook, Don
Office of the Provost
Indefinite term

Andersen, Kim
Honors College, Faculty
Committee Term End: 2021

Gilmore, Amir
Graduate student
Committee term end: 2019

Majano, Debbie
Undergraduate student
Committee term end: 2019

Mariadoss, Babu John
College of Business, Faculty
Indefinite term

Pollack, Gary
College of Pharmacy
Indefinite term

Skinner, Matthew
Finance and Administration
Indefinite term

Westhoff, Kelley
Budget Office
Indefinite term

Zimmerman, Matthew
Office of the Registrar
Indefinite term

Washington State University