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Washington State University
Office of the President President's Employee Excellence Award

President’s Employee Excellence Award

The Washington State University President’s Employee Excellence Awards Program recognizes outstanding contributions to the University by administrative professional and classified employees from across the state.

5 awards are given annually. Each recipient is awarded a plaque provided by the WSU Foundation.

Awardees are selected based on a review of nominations and the recommendations of the president’s Employee Excellence Awards Committee. Nominations focus on the outstanding contributions made by the employee regarding productivity of the unit; innovative problem solving; positive working relations with students, the public, and co-workers; and community service.

The winners will receive the Employee Excellence Award at the annual Showcase Celebration honoring the outstanding achievements of faculty and staff across campus.

2019-2020 nomination form

Submissions due by November 22, 2019 at 5:00pm

Online form
Download form (doc)

Past winners

2015Gayle Anderson, Susan Cao, Ann Marie Gooch, Amy Grey, Brady Ratsch
2014Brandon Anderson (posthumous award), Kris Boreen, Galen Gorence, Don Holbrook, Sisouvanh Keopanapay
2013Joseph Beck, Barry Birdsell, Heather Burke, Heather Cochran, Norene Phillipson
2012Donna Clark, Jean Grammer, Nancy Lira, Eldon Loe, Becki Meehan
2011Kenny Bisagno, Bill Gardner, Kimiaki Hirosi, Pama Manoranjan, Sharon Taff
2010Jude Durfey, Audrey Harris, Sonia Hussa, Robert Riggs, Susan Vogtman
2009Jeanne Burritt, Cynthia Kromm, Becky Morton, Brian Shuffield, Barbara Smith
2008Vickie Chalmers, Charles Cody, Pamela Medley, Leilani K. Stevens, Jim Zuba
2007Christine Alexandre-Zeoli, Sandra Brabb, Lynn Buckley, Gary Frost, William Kelley
2006Keith L. Bloom, Donald B. Frame, Charii Higgins, Tom G. Johnson, Dana ‘DeeDee’ Torgeson
2005Linda Chesser, Kerri Druffel, Debbie Hill, Don Holbrook, Donna Robinson
2004Maxine Andrews, Robert Force, Robert Hubner
2003Dwayne S. Dehlbom, Michele Hitzroth, Ronald L. Nugen
2002Joanne C. Harkins, Babbette Marie Gundersen, Marynella C. Zamora
2001Jeanne Ann Dahmen, Kathleen F. Duncan, Thomas A. Martin, Jill Renee Palmer, Wanda Walters
2000Larry W. Gilbert, F. Dana Lohrey, Richard A. Rupp, Thelma C. Willett
1999Francis A. Benjamin, Robert F. Bonsall, Rita Koontz
1998Eadie Balint, Dan F. Caldwell, Vicki D. Ruddick
1997George W. Ball, Jeanne A. Jensen, Sharon K. Zentzis
1996Ma. Consuelo Coronel, Michael R. Kenny, Marcia Ann Schekel
1995Marc P. Bates, Sharon F. “Sherry” Bye, Bennie Lee Harris
1994Gary L. Bloomfield, Kathrin “Kappy” S. Brun, Carl E. Muir
1993Susan C. Hinz, Gregory L. Pearce, Patricia L. Startzel
1992Ann S. Christian, Wayne C. Gash, Earl L. Muir
1991Manuel Bejarano, Charlena H. Grimes, J. Stephen Huntsberry
1990Keith W. Brandon, Elsa R. Camacho, Clarice Reilly