Employee Excellence Award Committee


  • Plans and implements an annual program to recognize 3 (up to 5) members of classified staff and/or administrative and professional personnel (AP) employees for excellence in their service or achievement for the University
  • Solicits written nominations from WSU employees and students. Accepts and screens the names of those nominated to receive the awards and recommends prospective candidates to the president.

Composition and tenure

  • Classified staff, administrative professional personnel, and faculty employees representing a variety of areas and classes, with 3-year terms. (F-AP-C)
  • President of the Associated Students of Washington State University, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association.

The chair is appointed by the president.

Responsible to the president.

Committee membership

Murray, Vicky

Finance and Administration
Committee term end: indefinite

Patrick, Brian

Committee term end: 2022

Carroll, Matthew

School of the Environment
Committee term end: 2022


Committee term end: 2022

Ellis, Alanna

College of Education
Committee term end: 2024

Kamerrer, Kate

Facilities Services Administration
Committee term end: 2024

Lyon, Barb

WSUF Gift Planning
Committee term end: 2024

Newell, Kelly

Academic Outreach and Innovation
Committee term end: 2024

Nigro, Kelly Beckman

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Committee term end: 2024

Owen, Kathryn

Committee term end: 2024

Penton, Deana

Murrow College of Communication
Committee term end: 2024