Technology Fee Committee


  • Recommends a budget proposal for the expenditure of WSU Pullman technology fee revenue
  • Reviews the fee structure annually
  • Determines that the expenditures of fees are in agreement with state law and University policy
  • Provides an annual update on technology fee expenditures to ASWSU and University administration

Composition and tenure

  • 5 undergraduate students, with 1-year terms
  • The Vice President of Finance and Administration and Deputy Chief Information Officer or their designees with indefinite terms.
  • A faculty member with a two-year term.
  • The Chair is elected by the Committee from the student members during the first meeting of the year.
  • Each member shall have one vote.
  • A quorum shall consist of five members, a majority of whom shall be students.
  • All Technology Fee Committee members should disclose any conflict of interest and/or committee affiliations with groups or individuals applying for technology fee funding.
  • Members with any requestor affiliation must recuse themselves from discussions and must not provide any additional information during discussions.

Committee membership

Carstens, Kathryn

ASWSU-Pro Tempore
Committee term end: 2022

Finch, Sydney

ASWSU-Chief of Staff
Committee Term end:2022

Gerlach, Sam

ASWSU-Director of University Affairs
Committee Term end:2022

Ongpituk, Kody

ASWSU-Director of Safety
Committee Term end:2022

Opheim, Tony

Chief information officer designee
Ex officio
Committee term end: Indefinite

Rath, Conner

ASWSU-Director of Health
Committee Term end:2022

Ritchie, Sian

School of Biological Sciences
Committee term end: 2022

Westhoff, Kelley

Executive Director Budget,
Planning, and Analysis
Ex officio
Committee term end: Indefinite