WSU System Clery Committee


The WSU System Clery Committee provides leadership and accountability by coordinating system­wide efforts to ensure compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), 20 U .S.C. § 1092(f), and its implementing regulations 34 CFR 668.46 and 668.49, as well as relevant Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) amendments. The Clery Act obligations impact and involve multiple departments, campuses and extension facilities. 

The Clery Act and the United States Department of Education’s regulations require Title IV participating institutions to publish an annual security report containing safety and security-related policy statements and crime statistics and distribute it to all current students and employees. Institutions must also engage in campus safety prevention and response activities, such as educational programs, timely warnings, emergency notifications and response, and policies and procedures to respond to misconduct. The System Clery Committee will facilitate policy and program review and/or development to ensure system compliance with the Clery Act.


The scope of the System Clery Committee includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Campus alerts, timely warnings, and emergency notifications;
  • Emergency response and evacuation procedures;
  • Campus security and access to campus facilities;
  • Annual Security Report development and publication;
  • Missing student notification procedures, where applicable;
  • Daily crime logs/fire logs, where applicable;
  • Crime and fire statistics collection, classification, and submission to the Department of Education;
  • Clery-related record-keeping;
  • Fire safety information, where applicable;
  • Educational programs and campaigns;
  • Clery geography assessments;
  • Campus security authority identification, rosters, updates, and training; and
  • Ensuring each WSU Clery campus or site is in compliance with Clery Act requirements.

Composition and tenure

In coordination with the Chief Compliance Officer, the Clery Coordinator is authorized to convene a system­wide Clery Committee under the umbrella of the University Compliance Committee and appoint members to the Clery Committee from campus police or security departments, university compliance departments, Student Affairs, and other relevant departments. The Clery Committee should have membership from each WSU site, including the Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Spokane/Yakima, Everett, Bremerton, and Extension. Appointments to the Clery Committee hold no term limits; they are valid as long as the appointed member holds the responsibilities of their position at time of appointment, or until revoked by the Clery Coordinator.

Committee membership