Risk Management Executive Committee (RMEC) And Risk Management Advisory Group (RMAG)

Risk Management Executive Committee


  1. Considers and recommends risk management proposals that require additional funding or proposed policy changes to the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration.
  2. Communicates with University Leadership about risk management policy and strategy.
  3. Sends requests to the Risk Management Advisory Committee for research and to develop options or recommendations on risk management issues.
  4. Nominates new members to the President for the Risk Management Executive Committee and may establish ad-hoc advisory committees for specific issues.
  5. Coordinates the Enterprise Risk Management Process.
  6. The chair of the Risk Management Executive Committee will call an executive committee meeting as needed and when requested by members of the committee.
  7. The Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration appoints members to the RMEC.

Composition and Tenure:

Voting Members, approved for indefinite terms:

  1. Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration-Chair
  2. Provost and Executive Vice President (or designee)
  3. Executive Vice President Health Sciences
  4. Vice President for Research
  5. Vice President for Student Affairs
  6. Vice President for Strategy, Planning, and Analysis
  7. Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  8. Chancellor from a WSU Campus (on a two-year rotating basis)
  9. Chief Information Officer
  10. Chief Compliance and Risk Officer (CCRO), ex officio
  11. Senior Executive Assistant to the President
  12. WSU, Chief of Police
  13. Other individuals who may be asked to participate at the discretion of the chair.

Risk Management Advisory Group


  1. Provides proposals, advice, and support on matters of policy and procedure relating to risk management
  2. Coordinates and communicates with WSU campuses, departments and their employees, students, and visitors, about risk management policies, procedures, and issues.
  3. Coordinates and facilitates communication between other WSU risk management related committees and programs.
  4. Reviews risk management issues and provides recommendations weekly or as needed.
  5. Sends proposals that require funding or proposed policy changes to the Risk Management Executive Committee for approval or further development.
  6. Reviews risk management information and makes suggestions for improvements.
  7. The committee will be scheduled to meet weekly or as needed.

Composition and Tenure:

Voting Members, appointed for indefinite terms:

Coordinator; FS ConstructionFacilities
Assistant Dean of Students; Student ConductStudent Conduct
Assistant Attorney General*Attorney General's Office*
Contracts ManagerContracts Office
Business, Contracts, and Fiscal ManagerAthletics
Assistant Director, Student Involvement & LeadershipStudent Involvement
Associate VP, Police (Police Chief)WSU Police
Executive Director, Student Involvement & LeadershipStudent Involvement
Emergency Management (and Governmental Studies)Emergency Management
Assistant VP, Facilities ServicesFacilities
Fire and Safety Compliance OfficeWSU Police
Chief Audit ExecutiveInternal Audit
Vice Chancellor, Student AffairsSpokane; Student Affairs
Director, UREC FacilitiesUREC
Associate Vice PresidentOffice of Research Support and Operations
Industrial HygienistVancouver Campus
AuditorInternal Audit
Director, University RecUREC
HR ConsultantHuman Resources
Sr. Associate Director, CUBCUB
Director, Training, Disability Services, Labor RelationsHuman Resources
Executive Director, ComplianceOffice for Equal Opportunity
Executive Assistant to the ProvostProvost's Office
Vice Chancellor, Finance and OperationsVancouver Campus
Assistant Director, ExtensionExtension
Student Services ManagerVancouver Campus
Emergency Management CoordinatorEmergency Management
Industrial HygienistTri-Cities Campus
Associate Director, WSU PoliceWSU Police
Associate Vice President, Admin Services Student Affairs
IS Director and CISOPullman, ITS

*The Attorney General’s Office will provide legal advice

Non-Voting Members:

  1. The Executive Committee and Advisory Committee will ask WSU Departments to provide personnel to offer advice, information and support as needed.
  2. The Environmental Health and  Safety Management Services Department will provide administrative support to the executive and advisory committees.