Regents’ Distinguished Alumni Award Committee


Accepts and screens the names of those nominated for the award and recommends prospective candidates to the president, who makes recommendations to the Board of Regents.

Composition and Tenure

Committee member terms are based on the academic year appointed as of August 15th of the year. Committee member recommendations will be made by the WSUAA and approved by the President’s Office. 

The committee is comprised of:  

  • Chair, Faculty Senate (appointed annually) 
  • Executive Director, Alumni Association (standing member) 
  • Awards Committee Member, Alumni Association Board of Directors (appointed annually) 
  • WSU Foundation Advocate Representative appointed by VP, Advancement (appointed annually) 
  • Vice President, Advancement and CEO, WSU Foundation (standing member) 
  • Representative, ASWSU (appointed annually) 
  • Committee Secretary, Alumni Association (ex officio)  

Regents’ distinguished alumnus website

Committee membership

Martinez, Jerry

Awards Committee Member, Chair
Alumni Association Board of Directors
Appointed Annually

Connell, Mike

Vice President, Advancement
CEO, WSU Foundation
Standing Member

Klein, Tracy

Chair-elect, of the Faculty Senate
Appointed Annually

Little, Ed

Alumni Association, Past President
Appointed Annually

Maki, Mariah

Executive Director
Alumni Association
Standing Member

Minick, Mandy

WSU Foundation Advocate Representative
Appointed Annually

Grindle, Sierra

ASWSU, Representative
ASWSU Global
Director of Promotions
Appointed Annually

Vandolah Ekberg, Jamaica

Alumni Association
Committee Secretary
ex officio