Statement regarding latest filing from departing Pac-12 schools

November 2, 2023

“Today’s filing is yet another attempt by the departing schools to ignore conference Bylaws and prevent OSU and WSU from exercising their right to govern the future of the Pac-12. It is disappointing that the departing schools are directly reversing their prior interpretation of the Bylaws in an effort to take control of the Pac-12, a conference to which they no longer have any loyalty. We did not create or seek these circumstances, but OSU and WSU will continue to take whatever actions are necessary to protect our universities, ensure accountability and transparency, safeguard the Pac-12 Conference, and preserve our options moving forward.”

OSU and WSU spokespersons Rob Odom, Vice President, University Relations and Marketing, Oregon State University & Phil Weiler, Vice President, University Marketing and Communications, Washington State University