Washington State University President’s Commitment to Safety

The students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Washington State University are the University’s chief and most precious assets. The University is committed to protecting their health and safety, as well as that of the environment. In a University safety culture, averting injury, danger, or loss is foremost on the minds of every member of the WSU community.

With this statement, I affirm my commitment to University safety. A University safety culture means many things, but surely it transcends compliance with regulations. It includes:

  • Proactive prevention of accidents and incidents
  • Integrating health and safety considerations in all phases of operations
  • Continual improvement of our health and safety performance by adopting best practices
  • Recognizing and responding to legitimate community concerns about health and safety
  • Providing appropriate and timely information in response to questions about health and safety issues
  • Holding each other accountable for safe behavior

In the Cougar family, Cougs take care of Cougs. Please join me in this very important commitment.