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Washington State University
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System Compliance Committee



The WSU System Compliance Committee (SCC) provides leadership and helps ensure accountability for compliance across the WSU system.  It is a central resource for information-sharing and awareness-raising.  The Committee assists the University in maintaining an effective compliance and ethics program by ensuring compliance activities are reasonably designed, implemented, and generally effective in preventing and detecting risks or compliance violations.



Members of the SCC will be knowledgeable about the content and operation of the University’s compliance program and will further advise and assist in the performance of specific tasks in the compliance program, such as:

  • Developing a risk-based Compliance Plan.  This includes evaluating risks associated with emerging compliance issues and enhancing accountability by ensuring that all aspects of compliance are assigned to specific responsible offices and individuals.
  • Identifying significant compliance risks and cross-jurisdictional issues where exposures may not have been addressed.
  • Ensuring that university policies and procedures are effectively communicated across the system and that training resources are in place.
  • Identifying areas where university policies and procedures need to be established or enhanced, including developing a response to new or revised regulatory requirements.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of existing compliance processes.
  • Ensuring that the university has exercised due diligence with respect to its efforts to establish compliance standards and procedures that identify and prevent wrongdoing.
  • Communicating and promoting a culture of compliance at the University
  • Create sub-committee’s or focus groups, as needed, to focus on specific areas or issues in compliance and ethics.

Composition and tenure


The Chief Compliance Officer serves as the chair of the SCC.  Members include designees who have responsibility for key compliance areas including, but not limited to academic affairs, athletics, business administration, financial aid, health care and health sciences, human resources, information technology, immigration, public safety, research, student affairs, and student records.

Committee members are campus leaders, appointed by the President, who can promote a culture of ethical conduct and compliance and help carry out University compliance efforts.  Their terms are for an indefinite period.  Individuals interested in serving on the committee are welcome to reach out to the Chief Compliance Officer.




Kammerzell, Sharyl
AVP, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Ashkannejhad, Holly
Compliance & Risk Management

Beattie, Mark
WSU, Everett

Chambers-Taube, Jennifer June
WSU, Vancouver

Corbin, Bradly


Creighton, Jill
Student Affairs-WSU Pullman

Dennler, Bonnie
Human Resource Services

Drake, Kiara
Compliance & Risk Management


Gaffney, Mike

Gardner, Bill
Public Safety

Gehring, Lisa
Human Resource Services

Gordon, Sherry 
Compliance & Risk Management

Hellmann, Katherine
International Programs


Henry, Sunday
Cougar Health Services

Holt, Mollie
Office of the Controller

Howard, Tyler
Sponsored Programs

Hupp, James
ESF College of Medicine

Kluzik, Mike
Office of Research

Lopez, Heather

Makamson, Sally
Compliance & Risk Management

McAteer, Kathleen
WSU, Tri-Cities


McCoy, Anne

Mohr, James
Student Affairs-WSU Spokane

O’Donnell, Debbie
Student Affairs-WSU Global

Parks, Craig
Provost Office

Record, James
ESF College of Medicine

Ringo, Shawn
Environmental Health & Safety

Schwartzkopf, Joel
Student Engagement

Scourey, Joy
Student Financial Services

Thomas, Domanic
WSU, Vancouver

Van Klaveren, Jenna
Compliance & Risk Management

Walters, Michael J.
Information Technology Services

Wilkins-Fontenot, Kendra
Human Resource Services

Zimmerman, Matthew
Office of the Registrar