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Feedback on schedule welcome

2 Responses to “Feedback on schedule welcome”

  1. amccubbin Says:

    Dear Dr Floyd,

    This comment is connected (if not directly) to Summer scheduling. This week I have been participating in trying to plan towards accommodating the large incoming class in the Fall, as with most sciences the biggest problem we have is physical – the number of labs available and the size of lecture rooms.

    It strikes me that one way of dealing with this problem and potentially simultaneously solving some others, would be to offer 3 full 15 week semesters per year rather than 2 plus Summer session.

    This would obviously be a fundamental shift in the way we operate, but I could foresee a system where research faculty are still of 9 month appointments (but get to chose which semester they don’t teach), and making up any shortfall with instructional faculty.

    I appreciate that the University generates significant income with Summer classes, but suspect that the increased throughput that could result might more than compensate for this. It may have already been investigated, but if not it might be worth considering.

    The benefits would include:
    1. The potential to complete a full degree in 3 years, which could be cheaper for the students (less timing out of the work force, fewer tuition increases suffered, lower overall living costs – students living out have to pay Summer rent anyway). Plus I have heard that the State is pushing for a 3 year completion option – this would provide it without reducing quality.

    2. More efficient use of building resources – potentially full use of the University infrastructure for 45 rather than 30 weeks per year.

    3. Higher student throughput – to WSU’s economic benefit.

    Particularly in an economic climate where it is not easy to find Summer employment I suspect that a lot of students might be attracted by this option as it could be significantly cheaper for them in the long term.

    I appreciate that there are probably a lot of factors that I am not considering, but I believe that this might be the sort of fundamental (and innovative) shift in perspective that could help us move forward in these challenging times.

    Thanks for your attention,

    Andy McCubbin,
    Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences.

  2. derrickskaug Says:

    I know when I took summer session last summer I found it extremely tiring and difficult to start classes right after finals week. I would highly encourage a week break between the end of spring semester and the start of summer session. I think it is a great idea.

Pullman commencement was a great experience this past weekend and, as always, congratulations to our graduates on their tremendous achievements.

Of course, you wouldn’t know the semester was over given the vibrancy of campus the past couple days. WSU Summer Session has really developed into a popular choice for many of our students who utilize it to get an education quicker and cheaper.  Its popularity would make it hard to notice that the main academic year is, in fact, completed, were it not for the U-Hauls traveling in and out of town right now.  (For the record, those who did choose to stay have been rewarded with nicer weather, finally.)

As per some feedback I received on Saturday, we are considering making a change to the academic calendar as it pertains to Summer Session.  One of the concerns I have heard from students is the lack of a break between the spring semester and Summer Session.

Students wishing to take first session Summer Session courses must do so two days after completing the traditional academic year.  It seems like it might be a valid concern.  Would anyone like to see a one-week break between spring semester and first session to regroup?

We are also considering a shift in December commencement.  As it stands now, we have final exams for that semester the week following the December commencement ceremony.  I am considering changing that date so the completion of exams occurs the week before the ceremony instead.

Feel free to weigh in below on this blog, or in person.  I’ll be giving it some thought and would welcome feedback……

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