Commission on the Status of Women Funding Application

The WSU President’s Commission on the Status of Woman (CSW) has funding available to sponsor events and initiatives that promote the interests of CSW. Funding is separated into two categories: Events & Programs and Projects & Initiatives. Events & Program requests can include but are not limited to: bringing in speakers, planning professional conferences or workshops, and planning professional development workshops or presentations across the WSU system. Projects & Initiatives can include but are not limited to: welcome packages for new parents on campus, relaxation, and safe spaces for all women on campus, lactation space at other WSU campus sites, and a mother’s lounge. Past funding requests for Projects & Initiatives included a lactation space on the WSU Pullman Campus.

All Events & Programs and Projects & Initiatives should adhere to CSW’s mission and focus on matters pertaining to all women across the University system. Initiatives or events may include topics that further promote the following:

  • Advancement and leadership, safety, childcare, and anti-discrimination/harassment practices.
  • Job opportunities, hiring practices, career advancement, salary equity, appointments to key committees in leadership roles, family medical leave, and other benefits.
  • Matters pertaining to women graduate, professional, and undergraduate students such as admission practices, awarding of financial aid, graduation rates, fellowships and assistantships, advising practices, and housing.

Funding requests must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the date that the funds are requested to be released.

Details of application and funding request process:

  1. After submitting an application, the CSW Budget Committee will review the application at their monthly meeting. The requestor will receive feedback from the CSW Budget Committee within one week of their monthly meeting.
  2. At this point, the requestor has the option to make appropriate changes to and resubmit the funding application if requested.
  3. The CSW Budget Committee plus the CSW Chair may approve funding requests in the amount of $500 or less. All requests in the amount of $501 or more shall be put to the entire voting membership at the next regular meeting of the CSW after approval by the CSW Budget Committee and CSW Chair.
  4. Approved funding requestors or requesting organizations must submit a sponsored event report no later than four weeks after the completion of the event, program, or project. Funding reports will be included in the annual CSW Budget Committee report. Receipts should be included in all funding reports.

CSW Funding Application:

Questions may be directed to