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Concept Papers

As we continue to develop as a system, we are releasing a series of concept papers to help spur conversations with our faculty, staff, students, and communities. These papers are not intended as final documents, but rather starting points for our discussions and critical development work. We will work with university leaders to release additional concept papers on various areas of our system based on the feedback and questions we receive.

Concept Paper 1: The OneWSU System

This provides an overview of the OneWSU concept and highlights qualities that make each campus unique. We share insights about how the systems of some of our peer institutions operate, describe the need to separate the current dual jobs of WSU system president and WSU Pullman chancellor, and define the role and responsibilities of those two positions.

Concept Paper 2: Evolution of the OneWSU System

This addresses ways to achieve the highest level of operational excellence across the WSU system. We include proposals to separate the functions and processes that can be managed most effectively and efficiently at the system level from those that can be managed most effectively and efficiently at the campus level.