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Executive Search Faculty Athletics Representative

Faculty Athletics Representative position description



The Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) plays a strategic role at the institution, ensuring the academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program, facilitating institutional control of intercollegiate athletics, and enhancing the student-athlete experience at Washington State University.

The FAR represents WSU and its faculty in the relationship between the NCAA and the institution. The FAR also provides significant leadership in the governance of WSU’s intercollegiate athletics programs and represents the president—in academic and student-athlete matters—to the athletic department and WSU’s faculty.


The authority for the FAR’s oversight responsibilities comes from the President, the NCAA Bylaws, and the Pac-12 Conference Bylaws. Additionally, the FAR:

  • Maintains access to and a working relationship with the Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Director of Admissions, University Registrar, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Student Conduct, the Director of Athletics, Senior Woman Administrator, Director of Compliance, and other key personnel within the institution and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • Reports to the Faculty Senate periodically regarding the operation of the athletics program.
  • Chairs the Athletic Council and the University Compliance Committee, and serves as a member of other committees as assigned.
Term and appointment

The FAR reports directly to and, at all times, serves at the discretion of the President. The appointment is a part-time, 12-month position based in Pullman. The release time amount needed to effectively discharge the FAR duties will be negotiated with the successful candidate for the position. It has a term of three years with the possibility of renewal, and includes yearly reviews.


The University will provide appropriate resources, including clerical support, to the FAR consistent with the responsibilities listed below. Resources provided to the FAR will be subject to annual approval by the University President and expenses associated with the performance of these responsibilities will be paid through the Office of the President.


This position description is based, in substantial part, on the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Handbook.


Academic integrity

The FAR ensures the academic integrity of WSU’s intercollegiate athletics program.

  • Periodically review appropriate records (for both individual student-athletes and for sport teams) to ensure that decisions related to admissions, academic advising, evaluation of academic performance, and the extent of academic support services are made in ways that are consistent with the primary academic mission of the institution.
  • Ensure that WSU has in place effective mechanisms for evaluating whether student-athletes have met all of the academic eligibility requirements for practice, financial aid, and intercollegiate competition established by the NCAA, the Pac-12 Conference, and WSU.
  • Ensure that all certifications for both initial and continuing academic eligibility have been performed correctly, and with adequate documentation.
  • Prepare (or request on the basis of FAR specifications) periodic reports on the academic preparation and performance of student-athletes and discuss such reports with the President, the faculty, and the athletics department.

The FAR assumes joint responsibility with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance for ensuring compliance with all NCAA, Pac-12, and institutional rules.

  • Maintain oversight of compliance-related activities undertaken within the athletics department and coordinate the compliance-related activities of campus units located outside the athletics department including, but not limited to, efforts focused on academic-eligibility certifications (noted above), rules education and staff training, rules interpretations, and periodic spot-checks of records to ensure that all institutional compliance systems are engaged and functioning.
  • Play a central role in any major institutional inquiry into alleged or suspected rules violations and in the preparation of any infractions reports submitted to the Pac-12 Conference or the NCAA.
  • Review the results of any periodic audits of the athletics department that may be conducted.
  • Play a major role in any NCAA athletics certification program reviews.
  • In collaboration with athletics administration, ensure that appropriate standards of student-athlete conduct are established (for both on- and off-campus behavior), clearly communicated, and consistently enforced.
Student-Athlete experience

The FAR serves as an advocate for student-athletes, ensures student-athletes’ well-being, and promotes the development of student-athletes as a whole—as students, athletes, and members of the community.

  • Promote a balance between academics, athletics, and the social lives of student-athletes, which affords them opportunities to enjoy the full range of collegiate experiences available to students generally.
  • Participate in student-athlete exit interviews, facilitate student-athlete participation on athletics boards and committees, and inform student-athletes about the FAR role as an independent source of counsel, assistance, and information.
  • Encourage and facilitate interactions between student-athletes and the mainstream of institutional activities.
  • Ensure that testing, counseling, evaluation, and other career-planning services are made available to student-athletes.
  • Serve as a key advisor on athletics-related matters by the President and others involved in the administration of intercollegiate athletics.
  • Represent the faculty perspective in the governance of intercollegiate athletics and play a central role in discussions of matters related to intercollegiate athletics at athletics committee meetings and at faculty senate meetings.
  • Play a significant role in the shaping of institutional voting decisions on Pac-12 Conference and NCAA legislation.
  • Participate in NCAA and Pac-12 committees, councils, and in other capacities as appropriate.
  • Hold a major role in institutional searches for key athletics department personnel.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President and/or as appropriate under the NCAA and Pac-12 Bylaws.


  • Tenured faculty member at Washington State University, preferably at the rank of professor.
  • Demonstrated commitment to academic integrity.
  • Experience in faculty leadership and committee or administrative experience at the University.