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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Services and Activities Fee Committee


  • Recommends a budget proposal for the expenditure of student services and activities fees
  • Reviews the fee structure annually
  • Determines that expenditures of fees are in agreement with state law and University policy

Composition and tenure

  • 1 faculty member, with a 2-year term (F)
  • 2 graduate students and 6 undergraduate students, including the ASWSU president and vice president as ex officio members, with 1-year terms (G-U)
  • Office of the President; vice president for finance and administration; chief university budget officer, Budget Office; and provost, Office of the Provost; or their designees, all voting (X)

The chair is elected by the committee from the student members.

Each member shall have 1 vote. A quorum shall consist of 7 members, a majority of whom shall be students.

Responsible to the president

Guidelines for establishing and allocating services and activities fees (PDF)


Berkompas, Quinton
ASWSU President
Committee term end: 2020

Chavez, Monica
Committee term end: 2020

Chikhany, Ralph
Committee term end: 2020

Gonzales, Mary Jo
Vice President of Student Affairs
Ex officio

Jones, Victory
Committee term end: 2020

King, Terese
Faculty, ASCC
Committee term end: 2021

Martinez, Jerry
Committee term end: 2020

Pearson, Stacy
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Ex officio

Prescott, Jordhin
ASWSU, Vice President
Committee term end: 2020

Redman, Lana
Finance and Administration
Ex officio

Sithavong, Kei
Leadership Center WSU
Committee term end: 2020

Sutherland, Matthew
Committee term end: 2020

Westhoff, Kelley
Executive Director
Budget, Planning, and Analysis

Washington State University