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Washington State University
Office of the President Presidential Committees

Services and Activities Fee Committee


  • Recommends a budget proposal for the expenditure of student services and activities fees
  • Reviews the fee structure annually
  • Determines that expenditures of fees are in agreement with state law and University policy

Composition and tenure

  • 1 faculty member, with a 2-year term (F)
  • 2 graduate students and 6 undergraduate students, including the ASWSU president and vice president as ex officio members, with 1-year terms (G-U)
  • Office of the President; vice president for finance and administration; chief university budget officer, Budget Office; and provost, Office of the Provost; or their designees, all voting (X)

The chair is elected by the committee from the student members.

Each member shall have 1 vote. A quorum shall consist of 7 members, a majority of whom shall be students.

Responsible to the president

Guidelines for establishing and allocating services and activities fees (PDF)


Student seats for the 2020-2021 academic year will be filled at the beginning of fall semester

To Be Filled
ASWSU President

To Be Filled

To Be Filled

Gonzales, Mary Jo
Vice President of Student Affairs
Ex officio

To Be Filled

King, Terese
Faculty, ASCC
Committee term end: 2021

To Be Filled

Pearson, Stacy
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Ex officio

To Be Filled
ASWSU, Vice President

Redman, Lana
Finance and Administration
Ex officio

To Be Filled
Leadership Center WSU

To Be Filled

Westhoff, Kelley
Executive Director
Budget, Planning, and Analysis