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Washington State University
Office of the President Presidential Committees

Honorary Doctoral Degrees Granted

2019: Mark Pigott, Executive Chair, Board of Directors, PACCAR, Inc., and notable philanthropist, humanitarian, and arts aficionado

2018: R. James Cook, former Chief Scientist, United States Department of Agriculture and WSU Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology and Crop and Soil Sciences

2016: Elson S. Floyd, former President of Washington State University

2014: Jordan D. Schnitzer, President, Harsch Investment Properties and President, Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation

2007: Johnnetta Cole, former WSU faculty member and administrator, President Emerita, Spelman College (Atlanta) and Bennett College (North Carolina)

2005: Clarence A. Ryan Jr., emeritus professor and plant biochemistry researcher, WSU Institute of Biological Chemistry; first WSU professor in National Academy of Sciences

1995: Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, “Green Revolution”

1991: Carolyn Kizer, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet

1990: Howard Nemerov, U.S. Poet Laureate

1966: C. Clement French, WSU president

1951: Edwin H. Burgess, Class of 1910, former vice president and general counsel, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

1950: Joel E. Ferris, Spokane civic leader; Charles Glen King, Class of 1918, world nutrition authority who isolated and identified Vitamin C

1949: George Fredrick Jewett, timber industrialist and Potlatch Corp. founder

1947: William Edward Boeing, Boeing Co. founder and retired chairman of the Boeing Co. board; Eric Allen Johnston, Motion Picture Association of America president and former Spokane business leader and former U.S. Chamber of Commerce president

1946: Edward R. Murrow, Class of 1930, broadcast journalist; Al G. Sparling, Spokane KGA Radio chief engineer (honorary degree of communication engineer)

1945: Lewis B. Schwellenbach, U.S. senator from Washington serving as U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Washington

1944: Frank A. Banks, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation engineer, headed Grand Coulee Dam project; William J. Coulter, Climax Molybdenum Co. president; Arthur E. Drucker, dean, WSC School of Mines and Geology; Richard E. Fuller, Seattle Art Museum founder; Ceylon S. Kingston, retired Eastern Washington University vice president; William C. Kruegel, WSC comptroller; James C. Thomson, University of Saskatchewan president

1943: Henry J. Kaiser, American industrialist, worked in Spokane, helped build Bonneville and Grand Coulee Dams, during World War II built “Liberty Ships” on West Coast, including in Vancouver, Wash., and Portland, Ore.

1929: Enoch A. Bryan, WSC president; O.L. Waller, WSC vice president