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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Academic Grade Appeals Board


  • To review academic grade appeals forwarded by departmental chair, dean, Graduate School dean, or ombudsman
  • If upon review a subcommittee of the board determines that a final course grade should be changed, the chair of the board will direct the Registrar’s Office to assign an appropriate grade.

Composition and tenure

The University Grade Appeals Board shall consist of 16 tenured faculty members, including at least 1 member from each academic college and campus. The faculty members shall be appointed to staggered 3-year terms by the president of the University upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate. All terms shall begin and/or end on August 15. The board shall elect a chair and vice chair. The role of the chair shall be to convene a subcommittee (of 5 members) when an appeal is brought to the committee. The chair upon recommendation of the subcommittee will institute the findings of that subcommittee. When there is no clear conflict of interest, consideration should be given to including an appeals board member from the involved department, college, or campus on the subcommittee.

Committee process

  • As specified in Academic Regulation 105, Academic Complaint Procedures, a final course grade appeal may only be brought forward to the University Grade Appeals Board by the chair, dean, Graduate School dean, or ombudsman within 1 semester of the posting of the grade (excluding summer term). When a grade appeal is brought before the board, a subcommittee of 5 members selected by the chair shall meet to hear the appeal. This subcommittee shall have access to any information it deems necessary to make a decision. This information may include, but may not be limited to, any of the following: visits with the student, instructor, chair, and/or dean; access to grade books and/or records; and access to assignments and/or examinations.
  • Should the majority of the University Grade Appeals Board subcommittee determine that the evaluation of a student’s work in a course was not made solely on the basis of a professional and ethical judgment of a student’s academic performance, the subcommittee may decide that a student’s grade in a course be changed to a [W] (withdrawal), a [P] (passing, credit toward graduation but not toward grade point standing), or, if such determination can be made, an appropriate letter grade. If the subcommittee awards a student a [P] in the course, it shall appear on his/her academic record, and the academic unit must accept that course just as if the student had passed the course with a letter grade (except that the [P] grade is not used in calculating the student’s g.p.a.).
  • The University Grade Appeals Board shall have jurisdiction over decisions of any faculty member and/or administrator on matters of University course grading appeals. The decision of the board is final and not subject to further appeal.


Turnbull, David
College of Arts and Sciences
Committee term end: 2017

Parks, Craig
Vice Chair
College of Arts and Sciences
Committee term end: 2017

Baker, Danial
College of Pharmacy
Committee term end: 2017

Baker, Timothy
Carson College of Business – WSU Tri-Cities
Committee term end: 2019

Barrington, George
Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Committee term end: 2019

Corbett, Cindy
College of Nursing
Committee term end: 2019

Davis, William B.
College of Veterinary Medicine
Committee term end: 2019

Elstad, Cathy
Honors College
Committee term end: 2018

Kim, Jenny
School of Hospitality Business Management
Committee term end: 2019

Kuhn, Kristine
Carson College of Business
Committee term end: 2017

Latham, Claire
Carson College of Business – WSU Vancouver
Committee term end: 2018

Madison, Charles
Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine – WSU Spokane
Committee term end: 2018

Miller, Darcy
College of Education
Committee term end: 2018

Peever, Tobin
College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
Committee term end: 2018

Petersen, James
Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture
Committee term end: 2017

Peterson, Jeff
Murrow College of Communication
Committee term end: 2019

Washington State University