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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Facilities Names Committee


  • Recommends policies and procedures for naming University facilities, including buildings, sub-units, and other facilities
  • Receives and reviews recommendations for naming facilities and forwards recommendations to the president
  • Provides information on policies and procedures for naming facilities to faculty, staff, and students

Composition and tenure

10 members of the faculty, administrative and professional personnel or staff, with at least 5 faculty members from academic colleges, appointed for indefinite terms. (F-AP-S). Chair is appointed by the president.

Responsible to the president through the vice president for finance and administration.

Facilities names policies and procedures


Yang, Olivia
Finance and Administration
Indefinite term (AP)

Blakesley, Beth
Indefinite term (F)

Cavalieri, Ralph
College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
Indefinite term (F)

Clark, Brian
University Communications
Indefinite term (AP)

Hermanson, Mark
University Advancement
Indefinite term (AP)

Hulst, Don
Capital Planning and Development
Indefinite term (AP)

Manzo-Robledo, Francisco
Foreign Languages and Cultures
Indefinite term (F)

Mittelhammer, Ron
School of Economic Sciences
Indefinite term (F)

Reeves, Ray
School of Molecular Biosciences
Indefinite term (F)

Watts, Chris
Fine Arts Department
Indefinite term (F)

Washington State University