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Office of the President CAMPUS CULTURE AND CLIMATE

Timeline for implementation

June 2017

  • Committee chairs of system-wide committees that will address campus culture and climate issues will be identified and formally appointed.
  • Committee chairs will meet with the Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs to discuss committee charges and reporting expectations.

July 2017

  • The external review of WSU’s system-wide diversity efforts will begin.
  • External review team members will be identified and formally appointed.

August 2017

  •  The University system-wide committees will begin meeting at the end of the month.

September 2017—February 2018

  • The University system-wide committees will meet and conduct campus forums at each campus.

March—April 2018

  • Presentations including recommendations for implementation will be made to administrative, student, faculty, and staff leadership groups at each campus.

May 2018

  • An end-of-the year progress report will be shared with the WSU community.