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Office of the President News and Notes

The benefits of Pac-12 membership

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Happy mid-summer to all of you.

I hope that each of you has enjoyed (or soon will enjoy) some time away from the University to unwind and disconnect before fall semester begins. Noel and I were able to get away in late June and early July, and we returned refreshed and ready to go for the arrival of a record number of students across the WSU system.

During our summer vacationing, Noel and I do not read work-related email and stay off of social media. In fact, we basically unplug from all electronic devices. While it may seem hard to do, … » More …

Remembering John Gardner

It is with a heavy heart that I pass along the news that John Gardner, whose leadership played an integral role in guiding the University to several notable achievements during the past decade, passed away peacefully at his home on Bainbridge Island near Seattle yesterday morning.

There is no doubt that we are a better university today thanks to John’s leadership. From leading our economic development activities, to working with our partners to advance WSU’s clean technology initiatives, to guiding our $1 billion fundraising campaign to a successful conclusion, John’s legacy will shape the University’s future for decades to come.

But more than the achievements, … » More …

A closer look: Drive to 25 metrics

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Happy summer to all of you across our beautiful state! This is the third summer Noel and I have lived in the Palouse, and we continue to enjoy the season’s long days and cool nights—ideal weather for our favorite outdoor activities. I also enjoy the more relaxed pace in Pullman during the summer months and appreciate the opportunities to explore the local area a bit more on the weekends.

Our Board of Regents meets 5 times a year to conduct University business. These meetings typically take place over a 2‑day period. An afternoon is allotted for committee meetings, which are followed … » More …

Addressing audit findings; moving forward with modernization initiative

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Congratulations on completion of another successful academic year. Celebrating commencement with our students and their families as our graduates take the next step in their life journey is always a richly gratifying highlight of the academic year.

I very much appreciate the role that all of you throughout our statewide community have played in making the WSU experience so positive for our undergraduate and graduate students. Thank you!

Many of you likely have seen media reports about the results of a recent internal audit of WSU athletics. This routine audit, which was discussed at the Board of Regents meeting earlier this … » More …

Celebrating excellence as the semester heads for the homestretch

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Spring has arrived at last. And while we still have traces of snow across the Palouse, signs of spring are popping up daily—here and at all of our campuses. I encourage you to take a few minutes for a leisurely stroll wherever you are located to take in the sights and smells of the season. I look forward to the increasing hours of daylight and sunshine that await us in the months to come.

When I was growing up I enjoyed riddle and joke books. This was a particular favorite from Bennett Cerf’s Book of Riddles:

Q:  Why did the boy … » More …

Drive to 25: Alive and well, and advancing

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Happy end of February. I hope all is well with you as we continue the run-up to spring break.

Like many of you, I suspect, our unseasonably mild temperatures and lack of snow across much of the state earlier this month prompted me to begin envisioning favorite outdoor spring and summer activities, including the upcoming camping season.

Then, of course, winter intervened to deliver a cold dose of reality, complete with the lowest temperatures of the season. Despite that temporary setback, I continue to anticipate the beginning of March and the joys spring promises, including longer days warmed by increasing sunshine, the … » More …

Many reasons for optimism despite challenges

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Greetings as we close out January and the first weeks of spring semester. It is great to see all of our students, faculty, and staff back at all 6 campuses. Noel and I enjoyed some down time with both of our sons and daughter-in-law over the holiday break. I trust that everyone was able to take some time for reflection and rest.

Being around and interacting with our students is always exhilarating and makes me tremendously proud—the future is bright for so many of members of the Cougar family. It is for those reasons that I grieve for Tyler Hilinski and … » More …

A Cougar shoutout to our new athletics director

While our community continues to cope with and heal following the tragic death of Tyler Hilinski last week, I want to share some uplifting news with you regarding our athletics program. As many of you are already aware, Patrick Chun accepted our offer to become WSU’s new athletics director last week.

Hiring Pat is truly a game-changing day for our athletics program. When we began our search, we focused on identifying candidates with a blend of high-level leadership experience, vision, and passion—an individual who could lead Cougar athletics to the next level of success.

In Pat, we’ve found that person. He brings more than 20 … » More …

Dr. King’s words still call us to action

More than 54 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered one of the most electrifying speeches of modern times as he called for an end to racism in the United States and civil and economic rights for all.

The stirring words of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” address became a defining moment of the civil rights movement in our country. The speech not only reaffirmed the moral force of the civil rights movement, it renewed the call to live up to the ideals of social justice and equality expressed in our country’s founding documents.

Perhaps … » More …

With gratitude to our community

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Greetings from French Administration. With the fall semester wrapped up and preparations for the holidays in full swing, we are already planning for what promises to be an exciting 2018. But before we turn the page on 2017, I want to express my gratitude to all of you.

First, I want to thank our faculty. You do an incredible job of educating our students across the state, and beyond. Many of you not only are teachers but also mentors and friends to our students—making yourselves available nearly 24/7 through email, social media, texting, and in-person meetings. You do a stellar … » More …

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