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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Institutional Biosafety Committee


  • Advises administrators and faculty on current federal and state policies and regulations concerning biohazardous materials and research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules
  • Reviews and provides guidance on proposed research projects to be conducted by the institution for all research involving potentially biohazardous materials, which must be approved by the committee to be conducted, and maintains log of all proposed and active projects
  • Develops and maintains a central reference file to serve as a source of information for the University community on current regulations associated with biohazardous agents and guidelines for research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules
  • Provides reports as required

Composition and tenure

  • Faculty who collectively have experience and expertise in recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules technologies, biohazardous agents, and genetically modified organisms, the capability to assess the safety of such research and to identify any potential risk to the public or the environment, including at least one faculty member with expertise in plant, plant pathogens, or plant pest containment principles and at least 1 faculty member with expertise in animal containment principles, appointed by the president, upon recommendation of the vice president for research, with 3-year terms (F)
  • At least 1 member representing the laboratory technical staff, with experience in the area of recombinant DNA technology and biohazardous agents, with a 3-year term (A/P-S)
  • At least 2 members not affiliated with the University who represent the interest of the surrounding community with respect to health and protection of the environment, with 3-year terms (non-WSU)
  • Biological safety officer (X)
  • Director, Office of Research Assurances, or designee, who serves as secretary (X)
  • Director, Office of the Campus Veterinarian (X)

Chair shall be appointed by the president upon recommendation of the vice president for research.

Responsible to the president through the vice president for research.


Shelden, Eric
Molecular Biosciences (F)
Chair: 2017-2018
Committee term end: 2020

Butterfield, Phillip
WSU Spokane (F)
Committee term end: 2019

Heston, Mike
Community member (non-WSU)
Committee term end: 2019

Hubbard, Mark
Cahnrs Office of Research Admin (S)
Committee term end: 2019

Kluzik, Mike
Office of Research Assurances (X)
Ex officio

Lavine, Laura
Agriculture Research Center (F)
Committee Term End: 2019

O’Loughlin, Jason (Levi)
Biological safety officer
Committee term end: 2018

Pappu, Hanu
Plant Pathology (F)
Committee term end: 2020

Russell, Steve
Campus Veterinarian (X)
Ex officio

Thomashow, Linda
Plant Pathology (A/P-S)
Committee term end: 2018

Weller, Nathan D.
Community member (non-WSU)
Committee term end: 2018

Woodford, Nina
Campus Veterinarian (X)
Ex officio

Washington State University