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Office of the President Presidential Committees

Athletics Council


  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the director of intercollegiate athletics in all matters affecting intercollegiate athletics
  • Makes recommendations to the president on matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics

Composition and tenure

  • 9 faculty (4 to 5 men, 4 to 5 women), with 3-year terms. (F)
  • 1 graduate student and 3 undergraduate students, including 2 women, with 1-year terms.
  • 4 alumni (2 men, 2 women), with 3-year terms. (alumna/alumnus)
  • Faculty Athletics Department representative; executive director, Alumni Relations; associate dean, University College; director, Intercollegiate Athletics; senior associate athletics director; vice president for finance and administration, and the president; or his or her designees.

The chair is the faculty Athletics Department representative.

Responsible to the president.


Swanger, Nancy
Faculty athletics representative

Berry, Chris
Committee term end: 2021 (F)

Broschat, Shira
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Committee term end: 2019 (F)

Chun, Pat
Athletic Director
Ex officio

Cristelli, Isabella
Undergraduate student
Committee term end: 2019

DeGuzman, Charlise
Committee term end: 2021

Gilmore, Amir
Committee term end:2019

Johnson, Carrie
Committee term end: 2022

MacKay, Kathy
Interim Associate Vice President of
Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Ex officio

McCoy, Anne
Senior associate athletics director
Ex officio

McCracken, Vicki
Economic Sciences
Ex officio (F) pro tem

Murray, Vicky
Finance and Adminstration
Ex officio

Neibergs, Holly
Animal Sciences
Committee term end: 2019 (F)

Norton, M. Grant
Dean, Honors College
Committee term end: 2020 (F)

Oliver, J.J.
Committee term end: 2020

Pavish, Tim
Executive director, Alumni Relations
Ex officio

Peschel, Jason
School of Design & Construction Management
Committee term end: 2021 (F)

Rhee, Yong Chae
Sport Management
Committee term end: 2020 (F)

Rogers, Savannah
Undergraduate Student
Committee term end: 2019

Schulz, Kirk H.
Ex officio

Swindell, Samantha
Committee term end: 2020 (F)

Willcox, Doug
Committee term end: 2019

Winchell, Matthew
Undergraduate Student
Committee term end: 2019

Washington State University