Work-life balance survey results

Back in April, we asked members of the WSU community to share suggestions and input on how to make the university the best workplace possible. This information was collected using the 2022 Work-Life Balance survey.

The response was tremendous. Thank you to the more than 2,000 faculty and staff members who provided honest feedback, including the submission of more than 1,100 thoughtful comments. Thank you, too, to those who reached out separately to provide helpful suggestions aimed at building increasing support for a culture that values a healthy work‑life balance.

Based on the information provided, the no-standing meetings on Friday pilot program will now be adopted as standard practice at WSU. The university is also encouraging all units to keep meetings under an hour and to continue supporting flexible and hybrid work schedules, among other recommendations stemming from survey results.

Additionally, we are also reviewing parking options and costs, child care options for employees, and compensation for faculty and staff, as well as evaluating the tuition waiver process in direct response to comments received via the survey.

At WSU, we remain committed to addressing the concerns of employees head-on. Not only do we want to ensure we retain the outstanding talent we already have, but we also strive to be an employer of choice that attracts the best possible candidates.

To learn more about the 2022 Work-Life Balance Survey results and the work that continues, read the article published on WSU Insider this morning.


President, WSU System

Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer