Happy spring semester everyone,

The beginning of a new year brings with it a renewed sense of opportunity. It’s a time to commit to new self-care regimens and look ahead to the future.

In much the same way, a new semester allows students, faculty, and staff to reset their focus on what matters most. Whether it’s marching toward academic goals, taking on vital research, or helping others achieve their goals, we’re confident Cougs will make the most of these new beginnings.

It’s also a time to move forward with other important changes such as those arising as part of the continued growth and evolution of WSU as a statewide system.

Traditionally, the WSU president has served as both the leader of the system as well as the head of the Pullman campus. We recently announced that Provost and Executive Vice President Elizabeth Chilton is taking up an additional role as WSU Pullman chancellor. This allows the role of president to advocate for WSU more actively across the state and region, meeting with legislators, potential donors, and alumni in the hopes of supporting the advancement of the university system for years to come.

With Elizabeth taking on the leadership and management of WSU Pullman, we felt that it only made sense for her and her husband Michael to move into the President’s Residence on the Pullman campus. Noel and I have been busy preparing to move out of the house in the next few weeks to allow time for necessary repairs and updates before Elizabeth and Michael move in this summer.

This does not mean Noel and I are leaving Pullman. Far from it. We’ve purchased a house in Pullman and will continue to be active members of this community we’ve chosen to call home. You’ll see us out at our favorite local restaurants and at campus events. This move will not shrink our presence in Pullman. It will only serve to elevate Elizabeth and Michael into a more visible role in the community and allow for more opportunities for you to get to know them. We hope the Pullman campus and community will support Elizabeth and Michael as you have supported us.

The President’s Residence is known by many names. Soon, the Board of Regents will take up the task of renaming it to be more in‑line with its new designation as home of the Pullman chancellor. We can’t wait to attend our first event at the house hosted by Elizabeth and Michael, and I’m sure they can’t wait to get settled in.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and relish in the opportunities presented by a new year and a new semester.

Go Cougs!
Kirk and Noel