Washington State University to move in person classes to online formats following spring break

  • WSU to transition from face‑to‑face instruction to distance learning following spring break.
  • WSU facilities will remain open during this period.
  • Employees will report to work as normal.
  • Each campus will be communicating their plans directly.

All campuses in the Washington State University system will transition from face‑to‑face classes, testing, and advising to distance delivery beginning on Monday, March 23, following WSU’s spring break. This move is being made to allow for increased social distancing in light of the spread of the COVID‑19 illness in the state of Washington.

WSU’s five physical campuses and other locations across the state will remain open during this period to provide for continued business operations. On the Pullman campus, residential, dining and healthcare facilities will remain open.

Employees will report to work as normal. Employees should consult the Human Resource Services COVID‑19 FAQ if they have questions regarding leave and work options should they need to stay off campus due to illness or because they are at elevated risk for COVID‑19. Supervisors will coordinate with employees who request to work from an alternate location to determine if business operations allow for telework or other arrangements.

Even though this is a WSU system decision, each campus or other location may have specific contexts that will determine some details of implementation. Any campus‑ or college‑specific differences in implementation will be communicated separately by Chancellors and Deans in consultation with local public health officials.

The spread of, and response to, COVID‑19 remains highly fluid. Please continue to monitor the COVID‑19 website and your email for updates.

Each campus will send a follow‑up email by the end of the day.

Kirk Schulz, President
Washington State University