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Elson S. Floyd, Ph.D. - 4/23/08 

Wrapping up the Year

Last week, I was pleased and honored to attend the annual Women’s Recognition Luncheon at the Beasley Coliseum. The stories of the many women leaders who have helped shape this university are truly inspiring.

Coming as it did near the end of the academic year, the luncheon provided an excellent opportunity to share conversation, to reflect upon a year well-spent and upon the challenges ahead.The event was a timely reminder that among our university’s greatest strengths are the foresight, dedication and loyalty of our faculty and staff. Their efforts have been instrumental in laying the foundation for what I believe will be great days to come.

This will be my final scheduled Perspectives column for this academic year. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with you all in this way and have valued your comments as the year has progressed.

I plan to begin the column again when the new academic year approaches. If you have any suggestions about how this column could better serve the needs of the university community, I invite you to share them with James Tinney, our director of media relations, who has assisted me in preparing these columns. His e-mail is jltinney@wsu.edu.

Since this will be my last column for a while, I could provide my own list of annual highlights: honors won by faculty, staff and students; major grants received; administrative goals reached.

But those achievements, while important, don’t really sum up why this has been such a fulfilling year for me and Carmento. What has made this year special is what makes this university special, the collaborative Cougar spirit that was on display at the Women’s Recognition Luncheon and that comes through in so many of the activities that happen every day at WSU. This is a great place and we are proud to be welcomed into the fold.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer.  And I make two special requests to those students who will soon be carrying their WSU diplomas out into the “real world.” Make us proud and keep in touch.