President Elson S. Floyd


Elson S. Floyd, Ph.D. - 3/29/11

Welcome to Zzusis

When it comes to information technology, students have high standards. Even in times of tight budgets, they expect their university to be not just up with the trends, but ahead of them.

Fortunately, here at Washington State University, we have an IT team that understands those expectations and works hard to turn them into realities.

The latest example is zzusis, the new WSU portal that provides a way for students, faculty, and staff to organize and customize their university information. Zzusis provides a powerful and convenient tool for members of the campus community to communicate with one another. It replaces the myWSU portal, which now automatically redirects users to zzusis. A convenient link is also available in the upper navigation bar of the WSU home page.

The project made its debut right on time on Monday. Viji Murali, our vice president of information services and chief information officer, took a few minutes to give me an online tour of the new site. And while it will take me a while to become familiar with all the portal's features, it is quickly apparent that zzusis represents a significant step forward.

Zzusis is an early tangible result of our university's badly needed overhaul of the student information system. I recognized the need for this project upon taking over as president in May 2007. Finding the necessary funding was a challenge, but now that it is moving forward, our outstanding IT team has been able to take advantage of the latest advances to design a cutting-edge portal.

The name zzusis was suggested by biochemistry student Jeff Mahoney, who won the ASWSU-sponsored naming contest. That is altogether fitting for a project that has allowed plenty of opportunities for suggestions and input throughout the planning process.

Information is the lifeblood of a great research university and this portal will allow us to manage and share information in the way that is most useful for each person.

I invite all of you to explore the new portal and figure out how to make it work best for you. This is just the first of many improvements to come as a result of this student information system project. All the good work that went into zzusis makes me even more interested to see what is next.

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