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Elson S. Floyd, Ph.D. - 2/27/08

The State of the University

First, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who attended the State of the University address in Bryan Hall, or viewed it at other campus sites or on-line. I realize you all have busy schedules, so I was gratified both at the size and attentiveness of the audience.

I realize that any attempt to take a comprehensive look at an institution as varied and complex as Washington State University inevitably runs the risk of packing too much information into too small a space. The video-stream presentation and the transcript of the speech are posted on line for people who would like to review it or see it for the first time.

The message that I hope comes across most clearly is my optimism about our university and my sense of excitement about its potential. In my nine months as president, I have been pleased to meet with so many people – faculty, staff and students, Cougar alumni and donors, government and business leaders – who share that sense of great things ahead for Washington State University.

We stand on a strong land-grant tradition as the people’s university of Washington. We have been granted a solid foundation of financial support by taxpayers, donors and students. We inherit a legacy of accomplishment by innovative and visionary researchers, a legacy we are enhancing every day. And we are poised on the brink of an era where our strengths are a perfect complement to the needs of the state and nation we serve.

Our mission of education and research, extension and outreach has never been more relevant.

While my predecessors clearly have this institution moving in the right direction, we need to re-examine our course regularly to make certain that our assets are being put to the best possible use.The State of the University address is just one part of what needs to be a continuing conversation about the directions that our university must take to fulfill its potential. Through these Perspectives columns, and through private meetings and public appearances on all of our campuses and across the state, I will continue to share my ideas and listen to yours.

I appreciate your support and your insights. Working together, we can achieve great things.

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